Site and Guild Updates

We’re back! You may or may not have noti­ced, but our site went down for about two days. We went down because Cerrelle’s house blew up in the great Ice Storm or ’09, taking his boot dri­ves out during the black out. That said, everything appears to be fine now, with all of our data/info still here. Thanks Cerrelle!

Now I pos­ted a while back about our latest triumphs, but appa­rently those posts went poof so I’ll post again…

MALYGOS DOWN — This hap­pe­ned about 2.5 weeks ago. Both groups are now smoothly clea­ning up on phat epix in hopes of being com­ple­tely bored by the time new con­tent comes out.

Rec­ruit­ment Update:
The 9:00 raid is still acti­vely see­king new mem­bers for the raid, as sta­ted in the post below.

The 9:30 now has a few spots open loo­king for the follo­wing classes/specs:

  • Pala­din — Retribution
  • Death Knight
  • Sha­man — Restoration

    And as per usual, while other rolls are filled, we are always acti­vely rea­ding every appli­ca­tion we receive.

    - Sylent

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