Day #2 — Flame Leviathan (1 Tower)

Day #2 star­ted off a bit bet­ter than Day #1, where we were finally able to get into the ins­tance and have our first look at Flame Leviathan. One detail that we should have read up on was, the encoun­ter begins the moment you kill the last mobs outside of his door. So we ended up star­ting the fight going “Crap we’re not all repai­red yet”, put­ting us at a bit of a disad­van­tage. That and our lear­ning of the launch mecha­nics, didn’t go so well, lea­ving a few peo­ple to get squished. Wipe.

And what do you know? Ins­tance Not Found! We all got about an hour break where we were able to talk about our strats a bit more.

Once the ser­vers were wor­king again, we star­ted Flame Leviathan again. Oh and a key detail is that we did it with the Light­ning Tower Up (Big ligh­ting stri­kes of death!). And after a bit of twea­king, we were able to dis­mantle the giant tank!
Dead Flame Leviathan (R1)

Next up was Ignis the Fur­nace Mas­ter. Where we quickly lear­ned that Bliz­zard had chan­ged him from when he was Tank and Spank on the PTR. I’ll forgo the details.… but need­less to say, we are inves­ti­ga­ting and dis­cus­sing other stra­te­gies for tonight’s run.

~ Sylent

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