Ulduar — Day #1

World of Warc­raft patch 3.1 was relea­sed! The day that ever­yone was wai­ting for had finally arri­ved. The day that we got a new class chan­ges, new trade skill reci­pes, new quests, a new VoA Boss, and most impor­tantly… Ulduar. Unfor­tu­na­tely, when I mean ever­yone was wai­ting for it… I mean EVERYONE was wai­ting for it. Pro­bably for the first time in WoW his­tory, Bliz­zard relea­sed a new ins­tance where 99.9% of the Rai­ding Popu­la­tion was ready and willing to jump in on day 1. And we know what this means… Ser­ver Crash.

Day #1 didn’t go so well for Chro­nus. For our mem­bers who were able to beat the Patch Mob, and avoid the Loa­ding Screen attu­ne­ment, the rest were lar­gely left to stan­ding around Fro­zen in an instance.

Stay tuned for my post tomo­rrow, where we’ll post our kill shots and loot gained.

~ Sylent

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