For Sale: A giant freaking Deathwing Chin

You might ask your­self: “How can I be sure that this is the real deal? I don’t want to get rip­ped off and end up with some cheap Chi­nese knoc­koff chin!” Well rest assu­red that even though this pri­zed collec­tors item con­tains lots of lead (and obsi­dium and ele­men­tium) it is most assu­redly old god corrup­tion in ori­gin! Care­fully pluc­ked from a giant crazy Death­wing at the peak of ripe­ness, this chin is sure to please even the most disc­ri­mi­na­ting of gigan­tic chin collec­tors. Our crack team of raid…chin collec­tion agents labor day in and day out without even the pro­mise of over­time or OSHA safety com­pliance to ensure you get only the freshest crazy dra­gon chin when you the con­su­mer demand it!

Thanks to guest pho­to­grapher Exer!

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