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Ar Engens ar dameged!
05 23rd, 2012

The Alliance should really start opting for the exten­ded warranty on their purcha­ses as it seems not even an airship can be kept in pro­per wor­king order during even the ligh­test of enemy ons­laughts! Chro­nus dealt with deck fires, dra­gon blasts and one very angry cow in the pur­suit of this heroic vic­tory; but per­se­ve­rance won the day and our heroes went home with the gold!

Chronus killed Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn on May 23 2012

Fangs of the Father
05 3rd, 2012

Con­gra­tu­la­tions to Valin­dil who com­ple­ted the Legen­dary dag­ger pair Fangs of the Father tonight! Expect to see him pim­ping Golad and Tiriosh for some time!