A Heroic Summer Blockbuster!

Con­gra­tu­la­tions Chro­nus on com­ple­ting another expansion!
Stay tuned as we pre­pare for the next expan­sion: Mists of Pan­da­ria! Usual silli­ness below :)

Chronus killed Madness of Deathwing Heroic on July 26, 2012

Good mor­ning. In less than an hour, airc­raft from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the lar­gest aerial battle in this his­tory of mankind.
Man­kind — that word should have new mea­ning for all of us today.
We can’t be con­su­med by our petty dif­fe­ren­ces anymore.
We will be uni­ted in our com­mon interests.
Perhaps its fate that today is the 26th of July, and you will once again be figh­ting for our free­dom, not from tyranny, oppres­sion, or per­se­cu­tion — but from annihilation.
We’re figh­ting for our right to live, to exist.
And should we win the day, the 26th of July will no lon­ger be known as an Eas­tern King­doms holi­day, but as the day when Aze­roth dec­la­red in one voice:
“We will not go quietly into the night!
We will not vanish without a fight!
We’re going to live on!
We’re going to survive!”
Today, we cele­brate our Yay-Azeroth-isn’t-destroyed Day!
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