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Light Pollution
01 23rd, 2013

Chro­nus saw stars tonight as they defea­ted Heroic Elegon!

Chronus defeated Heroic Elegon on 01-23-2013

Quadruple Regicide
01 17th, 2013
Tele­vi­sion. Tele­vi­sion is the expla­na­tion for this — you see this in bad tele­vi­sion. Little assault guys cree­ping through the vents, coming in through the cei­ling — that SI:7 shit never hap­pens in real life! Pro­fes­sio­nals don’t do that!
They ente­red in the raid ins­tance door. They had no idea what they were in for. Now they’re sta­ring at The Spi­rit Kings with wea­pons drawn. It was an ambush.
This was a The­ra­more bomb drop­ping on Bea­ver Clea­ver­vi­lle. For a few seconds, this place was Armageddon!
There was a firefight!
Con­gra­tu­la­tions Chro­nus on Heroic Spi­rit Kings!

Where da totems at?
01 16th, 2013

Man, trolls don’t know what it’s gonna be
mes­sin with the guild Yeah 3, Chro-to-the-Nus to-the-Guild
Grats on Heroic Gara’jal tonight!

I don’t know why all these peo­ple are all like “You can’t eat that bacon on this plane” or “I’m sorry sir but you can’t bring a ham sand­wich to a Bar Mitz­vah” All I know is that this is sup­po­sed to be a free country and once in a while a man needs to get his pork rind fix even though ever­yone else in the fune­ral par­lor is loo­king at him funny. So any­way Chro­nus deci­ded to swap things over to HAMROIC mode and what do you know, things star­ted to fall down with deli­cious and slightly salty ease! Grats on Ham­roic Stone Guard and Feng!