Thunder King Down!

Surely if the Thun­der Cats are awe­some and can never be bea­ten then a Thun­der KING should be nigh uns­top­pa­ble.  Well I’m here to tell you that Lei Shen is a total dick and is not like the Thun­der Cats at all! First we have to find the guy, spen­ding hours wan­de­ring though his house. If that’s not weird enough, all these ran­dom dudes wan­ted to fight us along the way and I think at one point we may have killed his pet turtle but wha­te­ver! So we finally find him and ins­tead of figh­ting with a wic­ked awe­some bino­cu­lar sword or making a super lion or mega­zord or something he just runs around in circ­les trying to shock us with the sta­tic from his boo­ties on the floor. What. The. Hell. I mean I can unders­tand times are tough and maybe you can’t afford a cool sword or a giant trans­for­ming robot or bird air­pla­nes, but at least put in some effort man!

Chronus Killed Lei Shen on 04-15-13
Lei Shen (Nor­mal) 04–15-13

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