Welcome to Chronus!


Applying to Chronus

To be considered for a Recruit position in Chronus, you must submit an application via this form.

Our current needs are fairly dynamic and flexible - just submit an app and we'll see if you're a good fit.

What to Expect

If you are accepted as a Recruit into Chronus, we will request that you close any open applications with other guilds. This is not a parking lot for other guilds.

The application process takes time. You will hear from a Chronus officer regarding your status within a week.

Please read this thread regarding the application process prior to inquiring as to the status of your application.

All recruits will follow a 3-4 week probationary period.

No one is guaranteed membership by being invited to the guild.

We will evaluate how you fit into the guild and go over strengths and weaknesses with you prior to giving you our final decision to:

  • Keep you as a member
  • Leave you as a recruit until some requirement is fulfilled
  • Ask you to de-guild if we do not feel you are a good fit for Chronus

We will happily consider any applicant. The more detailed your application, the better your chance of getting in. Good luck to all potential recruits!

The Application

Fields in bold are required.

Main Character Name, Level, Race, Class (eg. Marteau, 80, Dwarf, Paladin):

Alternate Characters: Names/Levels/Class (Your MAIN character is your RAIDING character):

Link to your gear and talent spec.
Note: This is should be your level 80 talent spec (not your leveling spec, but your ideal raid spec).
CT Profiles, WowReader, and Blizzard's Armory are all acceptable:

Players mean far more to us than a mere number.
But, if you've got some numbers to back up your app, that never hurts...
Link to raid stats for your toon. (WWS, WMO, etc.)

Guild History - State your most recent guild history (level 65 on) and why you left those guilds:
(Try to leave the drama out of it...)

Raid Experience:
(Pre-BC, BC, WotLK? 10-man or 25-man? Please specify full clear or which bosses.)

How you heard about Chronus:

Do you object to being asked to spec for raid viability at level 80?
(e.g. if asked to tweak your spec to better support your role in raids, will you throw a hissy fit)
Yes: No:

Are you willing to devote time to farming for resistance gear, potions, or other items useful for raiding?
Yes: No:

Can you attend a minimum of three raids a week assuming content is raided Monday through Thursday, from 9:30 pm server until 1:30 am server?
Yes: No:

Are you willing to install required mods?
(Specifically, BigWigs/DBM, oRA2, Omen)
Yes: No:

Will you use Ventrilo (www.ventrilo.com) during raids and speak when necessary?
(Communication is important, and sometimes typing just won't do.)
Yes: No:

While we're far from being NC-17, we're not exactly rated G either. Both the aforementioned Ventrilo and guild chat are not aimed at the young or impressionable.
Are you 18, or over?
Yes: No:

You join this guild as a Recruit. Members get higher priority on loot items than you do, although you still earn credit points to spend as a recruit.
Is this is a problem for you?
Yes: No:

Raiding with Chronus requires a bit more than just showing up. The rest of us put forth the effort, and so should you.
Will you take the time to study strategies prior to raids and ask questions or offer opinions in the guild forums?
Yes: No:

While a good player can overcome many obstacles, sometimes there are things for which there is no real work-around.
What's your game experience like? (Average latency, connection speed, FPS, etc.)

In as few words as possible, tell us what makes you an exceptional player of your class.
This question is purely opinion, and optional.

Why do you want to join Chronus?:

Anything you want to add about yourself?:

In order to receive feedback on the status of your application, you'll need to provide some contact information. You can either register on our forums, or provide an email address.
Email: Forum:
Email address or Forum user name: