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Con­ti­nuing the assault on Deathwing’s for­ces, Chro­nus found itself once again at the site of many vic­to­ries: The Eye of Eter­nity. This time howe­ver the oppo­nent was no cra­zed dra­gon, but the storm­bin­der Hagara! The bipo­lar babe alter­na­ted bet­ween ice and light­ning but neither frost nor shock could deter our heroes and they sent her pac­king and made her leave her key!

Chronus Defeated Heroic Hagara on April 24, 2012

The Eyes Have It!
04 4th, 2012

If there’s one guy you can count on to watch your back… and front and top and pla­ces he shouldn’t really be watching really… it’s Zon’ozz! Chro­nus dis­patched the pee­ping tom by batt­ling eye tendrils(and claws and flails) with three-stooges like effi­ciency! Con­gra­tu­la­tions on another heroic kill!

Chronus killed Heroic Zon'ozz on April 3, 2012

Chro­nus put Heroic Yor’sahj in his place
This weird bas­tard don’t even have a face

The boss falls down, the crowd yells woot
Areyn walks away with heroic conq loot!

Well, he sneaks around the world from Agmar to Venoms­pite
He’s a pur­ple trans­lu­cent wyrm from Blac­krock down to Stran­glethorn
He’ll take you for a ride inside a twi­light realm!
Tell me, where in the world is Heroic Ultraxion?

Con­gra­tu­la­tions to Chro­nus on their second Heroic Kill in Dra­gon Soul!

Chro­nus Killed Heroic Ultra­xion on February 21st 2012

Chro­nus killed heroic Cho­gall. They did a good job. There was cake afterwards.

You might ask your­self: “How can I be sure that this is the real deal? I don’t want to get rip­ped off and end up with some cheap Chi­nese knoc­koff chin!” Well rest assu­red that even though this pri­zed collec­tors item con­tains lots of lead (and obsi­dium and ele­men­tium) it is most assu­redly old god corrup­tion in ori­gin! Care­fully pluc­ked from a giant crazy Death­wing at the peak of ripe­ness, this chin is sure to please even the most disc­ri­mi­na­ting of gigan­tic chin collec­tors. Our crack team of raid…chin collec­tion agents labor day in and day out without even the pro­mise of over­time or OSHA safety com­pliance to ensure you get only the freshest crazy dra­gon chin when you the con­su­mer demand it!

Thanks to guest pho­to­grapher Exer!

Bale­roc is in the house tonight
Every­body just fight a good fight
And we gonna make you drop your loot
Chro­nus just got a new kill!

In an effort to keep Death­wing from being a D-Bag and and bur­ni­na­ting the country­side, Chro­nus took it upon them­sel­ves to drop onto his back and give him a deep-fissure mas­sage.  With a little bit of elbow grease, Chro­nus wor­ked out all those bunched up ten­dons and really took some weight off the old guy’s spine!

Thanks to Guest Pho­to­grapher, Exer!

That darn Koopa Kid War­mas­ter Blackhorn was trying to stir up trou­ble by com­man­dee­ring the Alliance’s pri­zed airship: The Sky­fire! Ever skill­ful, Chro­nus dod­ged his dra­gons and stom­ped on his head a few times to secure the win. Our Prin­cess was in another castle; so we’ll keep at it!

Chronus Defeated Warmaster Blackhorn on December 22, 2011

The tanks got a nice break this week as the hea­lers fought Ultra­xion to keep the raid alive and the raid fought Ultra­xion to make the boss not alive! Stay tuned as Chro­nus con­ti­nues its adven­tu­res into the Dra­gon­soul raid!

Chronus Killed Ultraxion on December Seventh 2011