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‘Sorry for the hia­tus folks, had some ros­ter issues that were trying to resolve. Finally got a few good attempts in on ji-kun this week and sco­red a kill. Thanks to all who put in work on the boss. With that said, Chro­nus is loo­king to fill out a few ros­ter spots for the raid.

  • Holy Paladin/Mist Wea­ver Monk — High Priority
  • Pro­tec­tion Paladin/Blood DeathK­night — Medium Priority
  • War­lock — Low to Medium Priority

If you’re one of the above roles and want to raid in a friendly envi­ron­ment please feel free to fill out and an app(yes we know its a bit out­da­ted and were wor­king on get­ting that resol­ved) and an Offi­cer will get in touch with you. Alter­na­ti­vely you may also con­tact orange-schnoo directly with in game mail. Happy Hunting

03 19th, 2010

Chro­nus is currently loo­king for the follo­wing classes:

High Demand
  • War­lock
  • Sha­man (Resto)
Medium Demand
  • Druid (Balance)
  • Druid (Resto)

Drop us an appli­ca­tion, or speak to a mem­ber of the guild online!

Chro­nus is currently loo­king to fill the follo­wing positions:

  • Hea­lers: Druid, Pala­din, Priest
  • DPS: Enh Sha­man, Mage, Rogue, Spriest and Warlock

Drop us an appli­ca­tion and someone will con­tact you in game!

Chro­nus is still here!

Since January, both Chro­nus raids have com­ple­ted all raid con­tent– lea­ving both raids to acti­vely farm con­tent until their (some­ti­mes little) brains explode (fall out, leak out, etc.)!

We are still acti­vely taking and revie­wing appli­ca­tions for mem­bership in Chro­nus, but we do have a few slots in both raids that need to be filled.

  • Hea­lers– Druids, Priests, Resto shammy preferred
  • Tanks– DK, Prot Pally preferred
  • DPS– SPriests,  Hun­ter, Rogue, DK preferred

As always, Chro­nus accepts and reviews all appli­ca­tions for currently filled roles, loo­king for excep­tio­nal players.

We’re back! You may or may not have noti­ced, but our site went down for about two days. We went down because Cerrelle’s house blew up in the great Ice Storm or ’09, taking his boot dri­ves out during the black out. That said, everything appears to be fine now, with all of our data/info still here. Thanks Cerrelle!

Now I pos­ted a while back about our latest triumphs, but appa­rently those posts went poof so I’ll post again…

MALYGOS DOWN — This hap­pe­ned about 2.5 weeks ago. Both groups are now smoothly clea­ning up on phat epix in hopes of being com­ple­tely bored by the time new con­tent comes out.

Rec­ruit­ment Update:
The 9:00 raid is still acti­vely see­king new mem­bers for the raid, as sta­ted in the post below.

The 9:30 now has a few spots open loo­king for the follo­wing classes/specs:

  • Pala­din — Retribution
  • Death Knight
  • Sha­man — Restoration

    And as per usual, while other rolls are filled, we are always acti­vely rea­ding every appli­ca­tion we receive.

    - Sylent

    Chro­nus is currently rec­rui­ting for the 9:00 pm raid.

    If you are inte­res­ted in appl­ying, all appli­cants must be aware that this group raids 9:00 — 12:30 from Mon­day to Thurs­day. All appli­cants are expec­ted to give a detai­led appli­ca­tion explai­ning their play style, expe­rience etc… It is highly sug­ges­ted that you are at least wea­ring 5/10 man Heroic Ins­tance gear as the raid group is acti­vely rai­ding 25 man ins­tan­ces. After you sub­mit your appli­ca­tion, you will be con­tac­ted in game with ques­tions regar­ding your gear, spec, expe­rience and may be given a trial run.

    Please see the list below for our current openings:

  • Hea­lers: Res­to­ra­tion Druid, Res­to­ra­tion Shammy
  • Melee DPS: Enhan­ce­ment Sha­man, Rogue, DPS Warrior
  • Cas­ters: All

    To apply, click the Apply to Chro­nus but­ton at the top of the page. After you have applied, feel free to join the forums if you have any questions.

    Update: The 9:30 raid is inte­res­ted in rec­rui­ting a War­lock. And while the Raid is currently not rec­rui­ting for any other slots, they are acti­vely revie­wing each appli­ca­tion submitted.

    So since I’m pretty bad, I for­got my pass­word to update this.

      Our second raid group killed Kaz’Rogal Thurs­day night, July 10. Their pro­gres­sion is now 5/6 SSC, 3/4 TK, and 3/5 Mount Hyjal. They’re still loo­king for some relia­ble rai­ding warlocks.

          Ame­rill — [Kaz’rogal’s Har­de­ned Heart]
          Lilune — [Leg­gings of Chan­ne­led Elements]

          We are taking appli­ca­tions for both raid squads. Appli­cants must be aware of the fact that we raid 9:30 pm to 1:30 am Cen­tral US time, Mon­day through Thurs­day. Both groups keep this sche­dule. New rec­ruits will be requi­red to attend 75% of all raids or they will be remo­ved. Please regis­ter on the forums if you have any questions.

          Team RA (3/6 SSC– Hydross, Lur­ker, Tide­wal­ker and 2/4 TK– Void Rea­ver, Sola­rian) seeks:

          HEALERS– 2–3 ope­nings:
          –Res­to­ra­tion Druids
          –Res­to­ra­tion Shamans

          Appli­cants will be fully Kara gea­red at this point and pre­fe­rably nee­ding little-no loot from Mag or Gruul.


          Team Sylen­te­xia (4/5 Mount Hyjal, 5/9 Black Tem­ple) seeks:

          HEALERS– 2–3 ope­nings:
          –Res­to­ra­tion Sha­mans
          –Res­to­ra­tion Druids
          –Holy Paladins

          Appli­cants for this raid must be com­ple­tely gea­red with all drops they want/need from SSC/TK, or via­ble badge repla­ce­ments, and heavy pre­fe­rence will be given to those expe­rien­ced in the begin­ning aspects of T6 content.

          11 1st, 2007

          Do you find your­self loo­king like this?

          Are you loo­king for a group of peo­ple that appre­cia­tes your bar­ki­ness, gene­ral tough­ness, and need for pho­tosynthe­sis? Are you willing to pro­vide some shade for other hea­lers while rai­ding? Then Chro­nus might be for you!

          Chro­nus is currently see­king to add RESTORATION SPEC DRUIDS to our new rai­ding teams. Inc­lu­ded* bene­fits: 401(k), Den­tal, Vision. Ter­mite Repe­llent. Pro­tec­tion from lumberjacks.

          Our new raid group is wor­king on Gruul’s Lair, Magtheridon’s Lair, with a focus on Zul’Aman and other con­tent in the near future! To be con­si­de­red, you need to fill out an appli­ca­tion by hit­ting the “apply for Chro­nus” but­ton above.

          *-Bene­fits may not be avai­la­ble in all areas, see rule­book for details. Read the rest of this entry »

          Chro­nus, everyone’s favo­rite spam­mer guild, is now ope­ning rec­ruit­ment up.

            After BC, like most guilds, we were faced with the options of down­si­zing or “wai­ting and seeing.” Well, due to this, we have a large amount of rai­ders and we are see­king to expand our guild to being capa­ble of fiel­ding two 25-man raid groups.

              This is a great oppor­tu­nity for any pla­yer who has the right atti­tude and unders­tands that they are buil­ding a new team of rai­ders. We raid four nights a week– Mon­day through Thurs­day, from 9:30 PM CST to about 1:30 AM.

                Our current raid group has killed Magthe­ri­don and Gruul, and is going to be star­ting SSC and TK in the upco­ming weeks.
                Read the rest of this entry »