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Recruitment Open!
05 2nd, 2007

Chro­nus is reo­pe­ning rec­ruit­ment, ESPECIALLY FOR SHAMANS! Hit the “Apply for Chro­nus” link at the top of the page if you meet the follo­wing criteria!

  • Able to raid bet­ween 9:30 pm and 1:30 am Cen­tral time (ser­ver time is Central)
  • Also able to raid at least three out of four days from Mon­day through Thursday
  • Willing to ins­tall requi­red mods like Ven­trilo and CTRA or ORA2
  • Willing to lis­ten to a raid lea­der and par­ti­ci­pate in a rotation-based system

We have clea­red almost all of Karazhan as a guild, and are likely to finish Gruul’s Lair very soon as we took very little time to kill Maul­gar. We run two Karazhan raids weekly, heroics in guild at ran­dom inter­vals throughout the day, and Gruul’s Lair every Thurs­day right now. We will be moving on to more 25 man con­tent in the for­seea­ble future!

If you’re inte­res­ted, hit the link up top labe­led “Apply for Chro­nus.” We will con­si­der any appli­cant, but sadly, we can­not always accept appli­ca­tions from par­ti­cu­lar clas­ses due to being full on them. The follo­wing is our most recent list of ope­nings in Chronus:

  • Druids: Clo­sed
  • Hun­ters: Accep­ting Appli­ca­tions, nee­ding pos­sibly one
  • Mages: Clo­sed
  • Pala­dins: Closed
  • Priests: Accep­ting appli­ca­tions, need pos­sibly one (holy spec)
  • Rogues: Clo­sed
  • Sha­mans: Open, accep­ting appli­ca­tions from res­to­ra­tion OR dps specs.
  • War­locks: Closed
  • Warriors: Clo­sed

Good luck with your application!

Yeah, so I’m slow
02 28th, 2007

So, I apo­lo­gize for being slow (see my last post), but Chro­nus is re-opening rec­ruit­ment now! Here is the latest rec­rui­ting data. Of course, to apply, just hit the “Apply for Chro­nus” link at the top of this page.

Chro­nus is a later-evening rai­ding guild on Alle­ria. We raid from appro­xi­ma­tely 9:30 pm to 1:00 am Mon­day through Thurs­day (cen­tral US time, and Alle­ria ser­ver time), as of pre-BC. In BC, so far, we have just ope­ned into Karazhan with a very strong first eve­ning. We are see­king to add a few more mem­bers of select clas­ses to our rai­ding mix as we head toward a second Karazhan raid, as well as 25 man rai­ding beyond Karazhan.

The follo­wing are our rec­ruit­ment needs as of this date (2/28/2007):

  • Druids- Clo­sed currently due to eva­lua­ting pre­vious applications
  • Mages- Clo­sed
  • Pala­dins– Clo­sed
  • Priests– Open, accep­ting ~2+ appli­cants depen­ding on playtime
  • Warriors- Clo­sed
  • Rogues– Closed
  • Sha­man– Open. No Level requi­re­ment ini­tially, as long as you are leve­ling at a steady pace, you can do so in guild.
  • Hun­ters– Clo­sed
  • War­locks– Clo­sed

So as of pre­sent, we are acti­vely see­king only Priests and Sha­mans. We wel­come appli­cants of ANY class at any time, but due to limi­ted raid avai­la­bi­lity, we will not give rai­ding mem­bership to mem­bers of clas­ses currently tag­ged as clo­sed. Good luck on your application!

Potential Applicants
01 17th, 2007

Chro­nus will be reo­pe­ning rec­ruit­ment in a few days– stay tuned to the site for details. We will have limi­ted slots for cer­tain clas­ses as we level to 70!

Recruitment suspended
12 18th, 2006

Announ­ce­ment: Chro­nus is now sus­pen­ding rec­ruit­ment, effec­tive imme­dia­tely. We will no lon­ger be invi­ting new rec­ruits into the guild. We are tur­ning our focus on the expan­sion pack, and it would be irres­pon­si­ble to rec­ruit more into the guild and then turn them away as soon as we no lon­ger need them.

We do plan to con­ti­nue rai­ding, but we will be going a dif­fe­rent route with it, making some more “Chro­nus and Friends” raids.

11 10th, 2006

Current Rec­ruit­ment Update (11/17 edit):

Warrior– ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS (need to be in good gear from MC/BWL)
Rogue– ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS (need to be well gea­red and able to make our sched.)
Mage– ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS (need one, well gea­red, able to fit our sche­dule)
War­lock– CLOSED
Pala­din– CLOSED
Priest– ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS: Need ONE Dwarf priest.
Hun­ters– ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS (Clo­sing Satur­day 11/18)
Druids– CLOSED

Clo­sed clas­ses can still take appli­cants, but there is a seve­rely lowe­red chance of being admit­ted to the guild/getting into raids. To apply, click the “Apply for Chro­nus” link above.